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S — Single responsibility principle

A class should have only one reason to change

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docker push <gcr-hostname>/<project-name>/<image-name>:<tag>gcloud run deploy <service-name> --image<project-name>/<image-name>:<tag>

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AWS Lambda with container image

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But why Serverless Framework?

  • The framework is cloud-agnostic, supporting GCP, AWS, Azure, and many more.
  • Infrastructure as code. You can create resources and set up the architecture using the serverless.yml configuration file. The syntax is slightly similar to those familiar with GCP Deployment Manager and AWS Cloud Formation. …

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AWS Lambda and Bitbucket


  1. An AWS account with the permission to create new IAM role
  2. Bitbucket account with the permission to create / manage repository
  3. Application / function code


  1. Create a repository in Bitbucket and enable Pipelines
  2. Create a new IAM user account in AWS for Lambda deployment…

Google Cloud Function and Bitbucket

Google Cloud Platform — Cloud Tasks

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